Cressa Short Story 1K Followers

THANK YOU ALL FOR 1,000 FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER! I can’t believe how many of you are supporting me in my writing journey. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate it. The writing community is so supportive and friendly and I’m so glad I joined.

As promised, I have written a short story about one of my side-characters in GLISSANIA. I put the characters to a vote between Queen Cara, Senna, and Cressa. Cressa won! Yay! So here is her story, THE HEALING WITCH. Enjoy!

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Lord of Shadows Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Today is the day I will announce the winner of the book giveaway! This is so exciting! Thank you first to my wonderful friend, Nikki, for co-hosting this with me. You are amazing. Second, thank you to all those who entered. You all are the best. And lastly, thank you all who followed me this last month. Thank you so much!

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Time: A Writer’s Enemy

Announcement ~ My amazing writing friend, Nikki Fisher, and I have exciting plans for this month: we’re hosting a book giveaway! Be sure to check out our posts coming up November 19th for more details. 

While I was editing a week or so ago, I decided to add a new scene. Fast forward to a few days later and I have that scene done and I’ve set it up to write not only another scene but a huge plot point. How does that even happen?

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The Story of the First Draft of my First Book

Two years after I started writing Glissania, I finished the very first draft.

Now let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. I knew close to nothing about writing novels when I started. I knew how to write stories, sure, but not novels. Before Glissania I hadn’t written anything more than five pages. I struggled…a lot…in the beginning, mostly. And more than anything, I learned so much about writing.

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