Book Giveaway!


My friend Nikki Fisher’s blog is ONE YEAR OLD! So in celebration, we are hosting a BOOK GIVEAWAY! I will be giving away Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare and Nikki will be giving away Second Star by Alyssa B. Sheinmel. I’m so excited!!

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Time: A Writer’s Enemy

Announcement ~ My amazing writing friend, Nikki Fisher, and I have exciting plans for this month: we’re hosting a book giveaway! Be sure to check out our posts coming up November 19th for more details. 

While I was editing a week or so ago, I decided to add a new scene. Fast forward to a few days later and I have that scene done and I’ve set it up to write not only another scene but a huge plot point. How does that even happen?

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The Story of the First Draft of my First Book

Two years after I started writing Glissania, I finished the very first draft.

Now let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. I knew close to nothing about writing novels when I started. I knew how to write stories, sure, but not novels. Before Glissania I hadn’t written anything more than five pages. I struggled…a lot…in the beginning, mostly. And more than anything, I learned so much about writing.

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